The POWER of PRINT! Successful communication in our media-saturated world requires multichannel communication. Send your message on the web, through personal communication, and through PRINT. We remember things we see in print longer and understand them more quickly. Let the craftspeople at UVA’s Printing and Copying Services provide you with exceptional print communication solutions. We offer digital and offset printing, high speed copying, wide format signage, design services, bindery capability, and high volume mail handling. We can even create custom embroidery!



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Josef Beery, sales representative for UVAPrint, explains to Smithsonian visitors the difference between a “printer” and a “printing press.” Young people found his hands-on demonstration press a fun way to become acquainted with the fundamentals of printing. Joan Boudreau, Curator of Graphic Arts at the Smithsonian called Beery’s presentation definitely the “most popular activity” of those hosted for the annual Smithsonian “Print-O-Rama.” Beery considers encouraging an understanding of print and the power of this vital communication tool an essential part of his job at UVAPrint. According to Beery, “The vast majority of us still prefer to read from print and it has been established that comprehension and retention are improved when reading from a physical object. Most important for those of us in the communication business, is the fact that reading from paper is more persuasive.”