Test Services

We recently put into service new test scanning equipment. You should know of a couple important differences between the old test scanning system and the new system. The old Scantron forms do not work with the new system. If you have the old Scantron forms please bring them to PCS and we will supply you the new form and recyle the old ones. The new system allows you to scan the test forms from a networked MFD (multi-function device) directly to pcs-testscanning@virginia.edu for scoring. More information about this service can be found at https://uvaprint.virginia.edu/test-scoring-services

PCS News


After several months of careful planning, we have recently introduced a new visual identity for Printing and Copying Services. The new UVAPrint logo will be used for marketing purposes and to provide an easily recognizable visual representation of our department. Our new logo is not division specific, but is representative of the entire department and all of our services as we provide print in many different ways. We hope that you will turn to UVAPrint any time you need to image materials on to paper or any of the new synthetic substrates. We offer conventional and digital full-color printing, wide-format printing, and design and mailing services, as well as a complete line of high-end digital imaging equipment for your office. We even recently entered the classroom, offering professors and instructors a testing imaging service. Our new name will not replace, but supplement “UVA Printing and Copying Services.” You may also occasionally hear us referred to as “the University Printing Office,” our original name. [Interestingly the designation “printing office” has been used for printing enterprises since the sixteenth century!]