Test Scoring Services


Bubble Test Scanning

Test can be sent to PCS through email as a .pdf file or can be dropped off for scanning at the Bookstore Copy Center or Old Ivy Copy Center located at 2474 Old Ivy Road, which has free visitor parking.

Test will be scanned and an email with a file attached will be sent to the provided contact information within 48 hours (M-F) of receipt.  The file will contain a .csv file for uploading, a Demographic Grade Report and a Student Grade Report.

The .csv file contains the Student ID (abc4e), Percent Score, and Total Points and is compatible for upload to Gradebook in UVACollab.

The Demographic Report contains the Student ID, Instructor, Class, Grade, Percent, and Class Average.

The Student Grade Report contains a page for each student that has their Overall Grade, Total Score, Score %, Responses to each question, and a scan of their actual test.


PCS will scan, score, and email all reports within 48 hours (M-F) to the instructor or contact.

PCS will will hold all hard copy forms for pickup. (After thirty days they will be recycled.)

PCS will hold all electronic files for 90 days, before deleting.




Deliver your Exam Bubble Sheets to the Copy Center in the UVAPrint Building at 2474 Old Ivy Road.

Be sure to include our cover sheet.

Download Cover Sheet



A. Using a networked MFD (multi-function device) with scanning capabilities

  1. Enter pcs-testscanning@virginia.edu into the “Send To” field on the MFD

  2. Set scan settings to pdf, black and white and 200 dpi

  3. Name the file (ie. "COR352Section3")

  4. Press “Go”

B. Non-networked devices

  1. Set scan settings to pdf, black and white and 200 dpi

  2. Name the file (ie. "COR352Section3")

  3. Save to a local folder or Desktop

  4. Open a new email

  5. Enter pcs-testscanning@virginia.edu into the “To” field of the Email

  6. Attach file

  7. In the body of the email please provide:

              a.  Instructor name and contact information (number and email)

              b.  Other contact name(s) and information (number and email)

              c.  Course info:  1) Mnemonic:

                                          2) Number:

                                          3) Section:

                                          4) Term:

                                          5) Exam Name:

                                          6) Date Given:

              d.  PTAO

              e.  Any special delivery date outside the normal 48 hours.


QUESTIONS? 434 924-3785