Departmental Copy Card

Obtain Departmental Copy Card

The UVA Departmental Copy Card

To obtain a Copycard, please open one of the files below and print a hard copy from your local printer. At this time these are not "ON-LINE" forms.

• MSWord format: cardform2018.doc

• PDF format: cardform2018.pdf


Need Adobe Acrobat Reader? Click here.


Complete the Copycard Request Form along with any appropriate signatures. Since approval signatures are required, all completed Copycard Request Forms must be sent via Messenger Mail or faxed to:

Printing & Copying Services
Attn: Copycard Requests
2474 Old Ivy Rd.
P.O. Box 400728
FAX #243-8755

You may also obtain the form at any of our Copy Centers or request one by sending an e-mail message to