Self Serve Printer/Copier Tips

Please note that libraries, ITC and other areas supported by the UVAPrint public printer project have different software packages on their desktops. If you are accessing "Toolkit", please note that there may be files that will not print properly unless you print them as "image" (please see step #4 below). A safe step is to print all PDF's as "image". In general, PDF files can have many problems but the majority of the time they print fine. We recommend following the steps below for "Successful Printing".

1. Before printing your file it's best to click on "File" then "Print Preview". This will allow you to see your file as it should print and allow you to change margins, etc before actually printing.

2. Now select "File" then "Print" and indicate the page numbers you wished printed (some web pages have many more pages that you may want.

3. Print only what you want from a web page by cutting and pasting the text you need into an MSWord file or into an email.

4. PDF files have been known to have "some" printing issues (white streaks, reversed image, blank pages, slow or not printing at all). Should you experience a PDF file that prints incorrectly then try to print it as an "image". You will find this option under the "file" "Print" window.

5. The most successful way around pdf problems is to save the file locally and open it directly from Acrobat Reader and then print.

6. Before swiping your card at the print server always check to see that the page count is correct. "Some" PDF files have been known to provide incorrect page counts. If this happens, go back to your workstation and use "Print as Image" for your PDF file or see #4.

7. Many times PDF files are very large and take longer to print, please be patient.

8. When printing from the internet there may be variations in output between Internet Explorer and Netscape. If you encounter problems printing from one browser try printing from the other.

9. If the printer jams, needs toner or has other problems please report this to the local library, ITC or other department staff. Should you be in an unattended lab please e-mail and inform them of the printer number and the problem you are encountering.