Self Serve Printer/Copier Locations

Self serve printing/copying is available in the following locations:
(color & BW printers are available at all locations)


1515 Student Building on the Corner

Cabell Hall, 1st Floor Student Lounge

Clemons Library, 4th Floor

Edgar Shannon Library:

  • 5 Printer/Copiers: 1 on each floor in the northeast hallway
  • 1 Printer for the University's guests in the 4th floor lobby

Fiske-Kimball Fine Arts Library

Frank Batten School of Leadership, Garrett Hall, B024

Gilmer Hall, Room 290

McIntire School of Commerce, 2nd Floor Computer Lab

McIntire School of Commerce, Room 110

Music Library, Old Cabell Hall

Newcomb Hall, Room 164 (Programs and Councils)

Ridley Hall, Room 300

Science & Engineering Library, 1st Floor

Thornton Hall, Room 235 (Stacks)


Health Sciences

Health Science Library, Lower Level

Health Science Library, 24 Hour Room

Health Science Library, Room 1567, Cabell Room



Bond, Mail Room #120

Gooch Dorm, Study Lounge

Hereford College, Vaughn House, Lower Level

Lambeth Commons

Mary Munford Dorm, ITC Lab

Page, Mail Room #009

Runk, Mail Room #002

Shannon, Mail Room #112